The Only Winning Move…

Like Joshua said…

But around the world we have risk takers and player. They will play the games you don’t want to play.

Recently, the Biden Administration has allocated more than 200 million USD in anti-radiation medicine. While they haven’t taken the time to purchase petroleum to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, they are stocking up on pills to help survive a nuclear holocaust with the cockroaches.

Russia’s sole target seems to be the Ukrainian military’s land forces, however, their newest submarine that carries the tsunami-forming Poseiden torpedo – nuclear in nature, has now gone missing. Running deep, running dark, to parts unknown anywhere they want to go.

From the looks of things, America is about 1% at risk of being nuked. Although it does have the #1 record as the most nuked country in the world because of testing, we’ve never been on the receiving end of the Atom Bomb.

From what I remember, the Soviet protocols were to drop two nukes on each state capitol city. Assuming they can still hit the broad side of a barn, their missiles are at 100% capacity, the above image demonstrates the estimated fall out pattern of a 1 megaton device. The Topol nuclear ICBM, carries a 800 kiloton device, the difference will be slightly less than the image shows.

While it’s not my intention to scare you, you need to be fully aware of the threats that you are facing. This is not fear porn. These are facts.

So let’s eliminate the fear with facts and here are a few sources you should download and print:

Now the power is in your hands. Do you wring them in fear and uncertainty, or are you going to sit down and read?

You may want to do things sooner rather than later.

The game may start without you knowing. And it’s designed for you to lose.