For the love of all that is good, if you email us and don’t receive a response within 24 hours, please, please, please, check your spam filter, junk mail folder, or whatever it is you use to filter out that nasty spam! It will be from a local commander and we want to be sure you are contacted.

Unanswered questions will cause your applicant to be rejected.

Must be 18 to apply.

Do you belong to any militias at this time?:

Do you have a current Pennsylvania License To Carry Firearm (LTCF)

ALL APPLICANTS will have a background check completed as part of the application process
If you are prior military, do you have a DD214? Would you be willing to share it with us for
screening purposes only? (No copies will be kept).

Can you give us a description of what you believe the role of the militia is in today’s world?

Do you support law enforcement in that they are they have a job to do keep the peace and enforce the laws?

Are you willing to commit to one weekend a month for physical training?

Do you consider yourself to be teachable?

The militia is an expensive hobby so to speak, do you have the ability and willingness to purchase required equipment over time?

If you don’t hear from us in 24 hours, resend this form and just note your name and that you have sent in an application already.

Be advised: A background check will be conducted prior to any interviews.