How to become a militia of one

What is a Militia of One?

Well, I guess I’m borrowing a phrase that was used in the fairly recent past by the US Army. They had a short lived recruitment campaign call “An Army of One”. I’m using it here to denote American patriots who, for whatever reason, cannot join or form a Light Foot unit in their area, but still wish to be ready when the time comes.

So, here’s what you’ll need to do.

First, download, print and read the Light Foot Standards (see “Light Foot Militia Standards“).

Next, obtain the proper uniform for your AO (area of operations) as well as unit patches and dog tags.
Do not attach any rank patches or pins to your uniform as all rank above private is voted upon (see chapter 3 “Rank Structure”).

Go to chapter 6 – “Equipment”, and begin assembling your gear. You can find many different opinions on what is the “best” gear, but you need to think about your particular needs (type of weapon/ammo you carry) and your budget. A good quality surplus web belt with Y suspenders and canteen/ammo pouches doesn’t look as sweet as a “tacti-cool” new combat vest made in China, but it will last you longer and costs less. More $ doesn’t always = better gear.

Read and understand, totally and completely, the “Statement of Ethics”, “Mission Statement” and “Duty and Code of Conduct” in chapter 2. Live by these tenets, because many have died by them. They died so that you could live free. Prepare to defend the freedoms and liberties given us by God.

Purchase a copy of “Light Infantry Tactics for Small Teams” by Christopher E. Larson. You can find it on or other online book seller. This is our standard field manual for the Light Foot; our “basic training” book, if you will. In it you will learn camouflage, movement techniques, battle drills, hand signals, etc. Memorize it!

Get in shape (if you’re not already). You might have the body of a “god”, but let’s just hope that god’s not Buddha! Seriously, you don’t have to be in top physical condition, but it would be embarrassing to die of a heart attack during the road march to the battle, wouldn’t it? Most people in decent shape can pass the Level 1 qualifications pretty easily (see chapter 5), but if you want to link up with an already formed Light Foot unit during a crisis you should strive to pass the level 2’s.

Take a regular file folder and write your name, date of birth and skill level on the tab. Fill out the paperwork at the back of the Standards. Make a photo copy of your driver’s license (or other photo ID), your concealed carry permit (shows you’re not a felon) and your DD214 (if you’re a military veteran). Place the paperwork and your photocopies in the file and keep it with your gear. When the time comes for you to find and join up with a unit, having the proper paperwork ready will make your placement much easier. It also shows that you’ve prepared and that you take your duties as a militia- man seriously.

Pack your gear into a “bug-out-bag” and keep it in a safe (but easy to get to on short notice) place. Keep training. Go to a local shooting range to practice or join a gun club. Go to church (or whatever your belief).

Prepare yourself mentally for the times ahead. Prepare your family if you have one. Pray.Then, when the time comes…If you are a citizen of Pennsylvania, and are not a convicted felon (or have a pending felony charge) please APPLY HERE.

Join with us!