What time is it?

We live in interesting times. So on that theme, let’s ask ourselves, what time is it?

Time. A precious commodity.

If we consider the time of a militia member, and then consider it a whole day, what time is it?

Every day has an early morning, a morning, an afternoon, and so forth. Each part of the day has a particular meaning about it. For the early morning, it’s the time that night time animals might start heading back to their lair or burrow. Birds will seize on the cool mornings and begin their hunt for breakfast.

At dusk, it’s the time for bats to come out and feast on flying garden and field pests.

So, based on this premise, what time is it? Is it time to break out the long arms? No.

Is it time to burn cities down and demand change? Most defiently not! But it is time to prepare for things to get even worse.

You can only clean your weapon so many times, and doing drills will keep your muscle memory sharp. But this is the time to prepare for higher prices. It’s not something you can shoot your way out of. This is the part of being an adult that just sucks. Plain and simple. It sucks.

Like everyone else not in congress, we are all counting pennies. So make them count is like making every shot count. Let’s face it, ammo is expensive!

Speak to your family. Ask them if eating plainer meals would bother them. Ask if spaghetti with turkey burger is going to be an issue. Or, don’t tell them that you’re not using turkey!!

I would recommend watching Mary’s Nest on YouTube. She offers free information that you can use, print out, and otherwise help you through this Bidenflation.

Good luck.