I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few public officials.

Then and Now

Under the topic …“under new management” we would like to say the following….

“That was then …. and this is now”.

As many have seen the PALFM has recently been mentioned multiple times in the media but what has not been said is this, “that was then… and this is now”.

That was then: A small number of “PALFM” went to Charlottesville.

This is now: None of those individuals are with the PALFM.

That was then: Leadership would train members to move and address every situation as an armed conflict, identifying the “enemy”. TThey trained to be an offensive force.

This is now: As citizens of the great state of Pennsylvania we have been given the right to defend ourselves, our families, our homes, our communities and state. The PALFM will not go “looking for a fight”. The PALFM will teach its members and members of the community how to defend themselves so they can defend others. The PALFM will teach preparedness to all who are interested.

The PALFM is a defensive force.

That was then: It was the practice to bring a show of force at rallies.

This is now: The PALFM does not participate in rallies or protests in the state or outside of the state.

That was then: Leadership called the militia to action to protect buildings and monuments.

This is now: The PALFM will not be called into action by anyone except our elected leaders (local, state or federal). We are not a law enforcement group or a military group. We do not have the legal authority to act in this manner.

This blog could go on and on…. So when you hear about the PALFM in the media, ask yourself this question

Was that then or is that now?