A recent study regarding nationwide militias

Earlier this week, a group known as The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED)


released a study looking at right-wing groups. The project,which is a disaggregated data collection, analysis, and crisis mapping project is described as project that uses real-time data and analysis source on political violence and protest around the world. Practitioners, researchers, journalists, and governments depend on ACLED for the latest reliable information on current conflict and disorder patterns.

The study determined that the Light Foot Militia, as a whole, has a low history of violence, and a low potential for any future violence. This is because we, as a group, have respect for Law Enforcement and for the laws of our states.

The LFM was described as a “Mainstream Militia”. The study describes such a milita as:

“The ‘mainstream militia’ classification applies to a broad range of armed right-wing groups that are well-documented in the last decade and beyond. They operate with some level of structure, schedule, and strategy and engage in a number of different types of activities. Primary activities during the period covered by this report include providing and supplementing ‘public security’ efforts in modalities that are almost exclusively through counter-demonstrations. While these groups often define their operations in terms of defense of the public and protecting businesses, they are almost always aligned towards a particular political view. From this standpoint, through which they often see police and the US military as allies, their implicit goals overlap with preserving the long-term dominant culture of the US, largely perceived as traditionally pro-white and patriarchal systems of production and governance. Many of these groups claim to be always ready and always watching, yet exhibit a pattern of activation in reaction to calls for justice or equity for non-white Americans.”

What is unknown to the general population, the PALFM actually has diverse membership of all races, religions, and creeds. It was observed at the Operation Standing Stone that PALFM had more minorities than the BLM protestors, which only had white protestors.

We ask that you review the information found at the ACLED website, and determine for yourself if you can see yourself joining the PA Light Foot Militia.

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