Why Won’t The Militia Do Something!

Why Won’t The Militia Do Something? Doing “something” can lead to bad outcomes.

Social media is a fantastic tool to keep up to date with family and friends, as well as local and
national events. Social media, unfortunately, has been manipulated by those that want to press
an agenda with artificial algorithms.

While many believed they were doing good for their people … many (not all) governors kept their citizens in a protracted lock down in 2020 and deprived them of work, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
So many on social media decry, and rightfully so, these actions by elected officials as being tyrannical, dictatorial, and a whole slew of other synonyms for evil. And then the question arises: Why won’t the militia do something?

Well, it’s not exactly easy.

There is something that I call the 11 millimeter scenario and I hope it helps you understand the
proper line of thinking in these matters.

When you have a bolt that you’re not sure of the size, you may grab a 10 mm socket (I know,
good luck finding it!) and you’ll put it on the bolt head. It’s too small. This is where protests and
memes fall into. It’s the easy way to be heard while still feeling like you’re doing something
productive. It may work in most circumstances, but not in every one.

You then reach for the 12 mm socket. Obviously, if 10 won’t work, then the 12 should. The 12 mm socket represents the legislature and lawsuits. These are necessary steps to exhaust all possible LEGAL avenues. This one takes the most amount of time. Why dress in full battle rattle when a 3 piece suit does the job more effectively?
Sadly, at times, the 12 mm just doesn’t fit. Too big. So, then we have to go one size down, to 11 mm.

The 11 mm should be the last choice for obvious reasons:
1) It’s not an ordinary bolt head you encounter.
2) You’ve tried the other two which usually yields the desired results.
3) Once you’ve grabbed that socket or wrench, the job may get a bit more messy.

The 11 mm socket represents the militia, a rarely used tool.

The militia is a last ditch stand against evil. And those who choose to do evil… they are tricky.
Let’s set up an example so you can understand why you just can’t “eliminate” a problem.So the lockdown Governor is not around and refuses to work with your legal representative or senator….. what can you do? You decide you must “do something”!

So You think you know where they are …. if they are there, you will need to:

1) Infiltrate the base of very well trained personnel with more gear than you can ever afford.
2) Locate the governor in a base that is HUGE.
3) Do what you want to do without getting caught.
4) Maybe get out with your life. Don’t bet on that one.

You have ZERO intelligence, you have ZERO assets, you have a ZERO percent chance of
getting anywhere close to accomplishing your goals. You will have a 100% chance of landing in
jail or worse.

This is why the militia doesn’t just “do something” we want to do the ”right thing”.
Just give that 12 mm socket a little more time.
Use your time wisely to prepare , train, and network.
Good luck.