Under New Management

Under New Management
Many have seen this very sign hung on the fronts of stores, restaurants and other types of
The sign says it all…… something has changed.

Between 2020-2021 things changed, people left, some for life changes and some due to
conflicts with prior leaders…. now the Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia…. is “under new
PA Lightfoot Militia…. aka PALFM …. is moving forward. Many believed that the organization would fold and close… Sorry…. that did not happen.
PALFM is an organization made up of prior military and civilian members. The focus of the PALFM is to prepare our members and members of the community to withstand the storm that is coming.
As we saw with the winter storm in Texas, readiness is a must for everyone today.

Need to learn a new skill? We’ll teach you!

If you do not know how to….
1. Store food …. we will teach you
2. Filter water …. we will teach you
3. Garden and harvest … we will teach you
4. Build emergency shelter … we will teach you
5. Hunt and provide … we will teach you.
6. Handle firearms safely… we will teach you
7. Handle firearms safely… we will teach you
Handle firearms safely… we will teach you

PALFM …. what we DO NOT DO…
1. We do not go to rallies
2. We do not “Stand guard” …. we are not a policing force
3. Do not tolerate extremism or extremists
4. Do not stand against the government
5. Do not have outside media at training events
6. Do not promote activities that endanger the good of the group or community.
7. Do not promote unverified information
8. Do not train as an OFFENSIVE group… we are here to DEFEND.

We will not go looking for a fight but we will defend our homes, neighbors and towns.The militia is not something you join like the Boy Scouts. It is an understanding and expectation. It has always been understood that “able bodied males 17-45” ARE the militia and the expectation was that if the president or legislature called … the able bodied went.
As citizens of the great state of Pennsylvania our State Constitution states….
The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.