Operation Standing Stone

Event: Operation Standing Stone
Location: Juniata Co. Court House, Mifflintown, PA.
Date and Time: Sep. 25th. 2020 – 4 PM EST

While it is our belief that all Americans have a First Amendment right to voice their concerns and complaints in a peaceful manner…we also believe that every American has a right to be safe in their person and possessions which is our Fourth Amendment right.

Recently across the nation we have witnessed “peaceful protests” which quickly escalated into riots and these riots are characterized by extreme acts of violence, vandalism, and arson. And in the worst case, shootings, and death.

It has been proposed that a “Peaceful Protest” be permitted in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, on September 25th. 2020. Out of concern that this protest could escalate I have called for the following actions to be preformed by the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia:

1. Protection of the Juniata County Court House
The Juniata County Court House was constructed in 1875 and stands as a historic and architectural treasure. The Court House continues to be the center of our local government and remains in use to this day.

2. Prevention and de-escalation of violence.
If the proposed “Peaceful Protest” escalates into violence, it is our organizations goal to promote peace and de-escalation. We look to accomplish this by peacefully separating individuals involved in escalation. We will also provide First Aid assistance to anyone in need as we are able.

Summary of Events: Earlier in August a spokesman from a larger BLM (Black Lives Matter) group in Lancaster contacted us that they were planning a large protest for Mifflintown on Friday, September 25th so we planned on being there as stated above. We found out early on the day of the 25th through local sources in reference to the intended Protest that evening that the Local Juniata County BLM group is no longer working with the larger Lancaster BLM group and that the Lancaster Group would not be present that night since they are no longer working together due to a falling out.

Members of Pennsylvania Light Foot Milita protecting the Juniata County Courthouse from any unruly protestors
Members of Pennsylvania Light Foot Milita protecting the Juniata County Courthouse from any unruly protestors

On the day of the Event we arrived earlier in the day at approximately 1 PM to witness and document a “Trump Flag”, a “Confederate Battle Flag” & other related “Novelty Hybrid Flags” burning protest that was planned earlier in the week as part of a whirlwind tour of County Courthouses across the Commonwealth. Centre, Mifflin, and Juniata Counties were the 3 Central Pennsylvania Courthouses targeted that day for the flag burnings and we were present for the last stop in Mifflintown, Juniata County which started at 1:30pm and was over by 1:45pm with a few local Pro Trump protesters there to voice their opinions in a non violent manner.

After this was over we got prepared for the 4pm BLM protest and then rallied up and moved as a platoon into town. We took up position on the courthouse steps and units were dispatched to their positions as Eyes & Ears Protective Posture to keep the Courthouse and Historical Monuments safe as well as being in position to deescalate anything that got beyond a debate. The PSP (Pennsylvania State Police) were on scene the entire event and we coordinated with them as well as previously with the County Sheriff our intent for evening. During the event was a couple of heated debates that we assisted in deescalating and maintained professionalism and were courteous to all participants from both sides of the political spectrum. The night ended at approximately 8:30pm with all protesters and counter protesters leaving peacefully. We rallied up and debriefed and were thanked by local law enforcement and countless citizens of Mifflintown for in helping maintaining order and our assistance in keeping the community safe once again.

Commanding Officer
Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia.
For more information about who we are visit: palightfootmilitia.com

*NOTE: For credentialed members of the Press to obtain a copy of our Press Release pertaining to this event, please contact us through our website. Thank You.