Operation Blue Pomeroy

Operation Blue Pomeroy – another peaceful operation

Operation Blue Pomeroy Summary

We participated in a Peacekeeping Operation that was tagged Operation Blue Pomeroy which initially was an Eyes & Ears Protective Posture Operation to provide security at a BLM protest march in Port Royal, PA in Juniata County which the PA 67th Light Foot Militia is based in but the event was changed to be a rally infront of the County Courthouse in Mifflintown, PA also in Juniata County. As the rally approached there was a lot of talk of violence online which is why the local unit commander of the PA 67th Light Foot Militia decided to put a team together to attend the rally to keep the peace and if need be seperate the 2 sides. Working with the Juniata County Sheriff’s Department our local CO provided intel leading up to the event and what our role was going to be.

We were onsite by 1620 hours and the event started promptly at 1700 hours. On the night of the event it started out relatively calm and then instigators from both sides started to trickle in & we had to form a line between protesters & counter protests. We had to call the PSP on the first occasion because an instigator continued to drive arou the block blowing their horn and yelling obscenities at every pass and refused to listen to rationale words to stop because it was intensifying the situation. The PSP left after stopping the car and told us that we had full control of the situation and them being there would intensify things. We continued to stay between both parties until it flared up and had to call PSP again and this time the Sheriff’s Department and PSP responded en masse and stayed the rest of the night. PSP maintained an outer perimeter and the Sheriff’s Department joined us on the double line now seperating both parties. The event dwindled down by 2030 hours and we were out of the area by 2115 hours making sure everyone had safely exfilled. We received multiple thanks from both sides of the line as well as a thank you for the Excellent Job done from the Juniata County Sheriff’s Department.

CO PA 67th Light Foot Militia
PA Light Foot Militia Commanding Officer