A Message From The State Commanding Officer

For Immediate Release:

In recent days leaders and members of various “Lightfoot” units outside of Pennsylvania have been posting ominous statements and videos on social media. While we are identified as the Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia we DO NOT advocate violence against the local, state or national government and we are not going to be held accountable for the actions or acts of other known identified as “_________ Lightfoot”.

The Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia is here to support our communities and we will support our local law enforcement in a time of need. As the militia we will defend our families, friends and neighbors. What we will not do is bring further anxiety into this current circumstance. Our job is to be there for the public. Each state and each unit operates independently. For any state or unit to associate or affiliate with other states or units is up to said unit or state. The officers of the Pennsylvania Lightfoot will aid the public and its members to prepare a for the worst and hope for the best.

What the Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia will not do is support any action that leads to anarchy. If you are a State CO, unit CO or member of a regular militia, we will not be drawn into your action or drama. While a lot of what is being done on the political stage is a violation of our rights while some actions make a small amount of sense, an example is staying home if you don’t need to be out. We ask that each member of the Pa Lightfoot Militia to acknowledge and follow all instructions from your state CO and your unit CO while using wisdom when it comes to sharing information. Please be cautious with the decisions you make and who you follow.

To all other Lightfoot Militia units let it be known that we will not take part in anything that appears to bring anarchy rather than peaceful resolutions.