Field Training Exercise (FTX) 2019

This year’s fall FTX took place at a member’s property in the Endless Mountains of Bradford County.

Members of several Battalions made their way though winding roads to participate in a 2 day exercise that made up on live fire, movement training, communications training, and building comraderie with each other.

At the ready 24/7

What did we eat? MRE’s and freeze dried foods. No pizza or beer runs as every member stood at least one watch during the night. No cell coverage so it was like being in a grid down situation for a whole weekend. My opinion – it was great.

Ohio Valley Minutemen attended our regional FTX this past weekend.
Members participated in various drills and scenarios.

Because none of us knows what the future holds, we know that we must prepare. Between Red Flag Laws, corrupt politicians, and rust – your 2nd Amendment is under attack by those who don’t understand the meaning of “Inalieanable”.


  • adj. That cannot be transferred to another or others.
  • Incapable of being alienated or transferred to another; that cannot or should not be transferred or given up.
  • adj. Incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred to another; not alienable.

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