PA Light Foot Militia Statement regarding 17 Nov Rally in Philadelphia

I’ve been asked to make a statement regarding the rally in Philadelphia yesterday, and more specifically, the organizers (Holly Delcampo and Ted Chmielnicki) assertions that we somehow “sabotaged” their event, even going as far as attempting to blame us for the hate groups they invited not showing up.

This claim was made to pass blame for the organizers failure to get more of a turn out. While we did in fact recommend that people don’t go, (based on online statements made by not only the organizers and others involved in the event, but also by various hate groups who claimed they would be attending – all of which we have saved for future reference) We obviously do not have the final say so in who goes or not. We told everyone If you choose to go just be safe. That was the end of our involvement with this rally.

The militia is a politically NEUTRAL organization; we have never wavered from this since our creation years ago. We stand to serve ALL the citizens of Pennsylvania and surrounding states, as well as the units we are affiliated with. The misconception that we are strictly a right wing security force could not be further from the truth. We believe in unity for all citizens, where the organizers seemed not to be interested in unity at all, and more interested in antagonizing the political left by setting up in their back yard and attempting to force people to listen to them; people who never wanted them there in the first place.

At some point both sides of the political arena are going to have to realize the other side is not going away, and we feel that any efforts towards destroying one side or the other are not only going to prove fruitless, but are detrimental to ALL of us as Americans. There will never be any unity in this country until people come to the stark realization that you cant have things your way all the time.

We need to come together as Americans and get back to the business of compromising, because neither side is willing to give an inch right now. So if that is to remain the case for the foreseeable future, then both sides are going to have to come to the realization that they’re going to have to learn to live and let live, and stay out of each others back yards until people can grow up and start talking instead of yelling, not listening, and instead throwing fists.

Now the organizers (one of whom is not even from this state) have resorted to trying to smear us, which we will not concern ourselves with. We are above that. We will remain true to ourselves and our cause which has never changed, and never will, regardless of their delusional claims, and incessant name calling. Their actions clearly show who is in fact interested in true unity and fixing this broken country, and who is in fact seeking to do nothing else other than divide this nation further.

The militia will NOT be co-opted in taking sides. We realize and embrace the fact that people in this country are allowed to have different opinions and believe that just because you may have the right to do something, it doesn’t by default mean it’s the right thing to do. There is a time and place for everything. Yesterday wasn’t the time, and more importantly Philadelphia was not the place. This event did nothing other than divide the people of this state more, and cost the citizens of Philadelphia hundreds of thousands of tax dollars. And what did it fix? Nothing; it just made things worse. And if we allow ourselves to be drawn into such nonsense, then we will be no better than them. And we simply won’t go there.

Even though the organizers opinions changed 180° once there were 500 counter protestors, and cameras in front of them (with Ms. Delcampo even going as far as quoting a long standing, and very public opinion of mine) It does not change the rhetoric that they spewed that led to us staying away from the event in the first place. As stated above we have saved all the evidence they tried to hide by deleting statements from the event page and hiding things in private chats, which we gained access to. We will be more than glad to provide said evidence to any members of the press who wish to see them in order to prove exactly why we avoided this event.

So at that, we will consider this matter officially closed, and we will move on doing what we have always have. Protecting and serving the citizens of Pennsylvania.. all of them.

Christian J. Yingling
Commanding Officer
Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia