For public release from The Independent Light Foot Militias of the several states and it’s Affiliate Militias


The Independent States of Light Foot Militias of America and its affiliated Militia organizations are all constitutional Militias that believe all Americans regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, or political affiliation have guaranteed rights, are free to exercise those rights and live as they choose free from verbal and physical assault.

We condemn the “Violent Left” targeting Trump supporters, Republicans, conservatives and the Democratic leadership for inciting, encouraging, and not speaking out against political violence. We acknowledge that the majority of people and most groups on the left are not violent; and are as concerned as we are with the escalating violence. We encourage all organizations regardless of political affiliation, to openly condemn the continued and escalating violence against those Americans the violent left demonized indiscriminately regardless of the true intent of those being attacked. Political violence should never be acceptable against anyone or any group, regardless of their political affiliation as we’ve seen from both the left and the right.

We recommend an open dialogue to begin the process of de-escalation of violence and real clarification of the misinformation the violent left has been triggered by. A corner stone of our country is the protection of diversity that is ensured by the Constitution. Our differences make us stronger and the simplest example of profound common sense is simply to agree to disagree and to live and let live.

The Independent State Light Foot Militias of America and their affiliated Militia organizations have raised their threat levels to insure we are prepared to defend the rights of the innocent in our communities. We hope that an open dialogue will begin to establish an agreement of non-violence and proper redress of grievances so that each state can lower their threat level to the prior level or lower.

We are all Americans. Let’s bring the people back together again.